My Mom Love For Flowers Taught Me A Valuable Lesson.

Ever since I was a kid I remember growing up near flowers and watering them because my mom had flowers all around our home. I remember those days when I had to wake up early and water the flowers because I loved them like my mom did. Time passed by and everything changed. But until now when I got home I felt that nostalgic feeling those flowers which aren’t the same but that feeling and Yes i wasn’t stoned at that moment but then remembering old times and thinking about weird shitty Life and in that Life a wonderfull mysterious called Love. I was looking and my mom who is growing old day by day and I am too busy in my Life to even cherish moments with her. I realised Flowers are something She Loved flower ever since I know. And thinking about unconditional she gives to me. Its funny how we humans look for Love in The Deepest abyss and Ocean but fails to realise that Love is just in our Backyard. A shitty quote below I wrote because I am a Shitty Person and a Shitty Writer😂😂. Just a starter let me know what you think about it. So below is my Lesson from My Mom Love for Flowers.

My Mom Love for Flowers and My Love for Words.


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