Top 5 Most Mysterious Channels In YouTube.

Just by hearing or seeing the word YouTube what comes in my Mind and actually in Everyone’s mind is videos.

YouTube is the most popular website where one can view or share the videos where in each minutes more 100 hours of videos are uploaded where some videos becomes popular some trending and some ended up as trash and not just that it has over a billion user and also YouTube can be  navigated in more than 75 different languages.

I guess my little intro of YouTube is done so lets get to the topic to like the title says ” The Most Mysterious YouTube Channels”

I came across some channels I found weird and mysterious and many did as well so I thought why not write it in my blog so here are  some Mysterious YouTube channels  I found and incase you are curious you can click the links to view the channel.

Lets start with 

  • Robert Helpmann

This channel contains video of a mask man and a corpse character named Daisy. In the short  videos the masked man is shown doing things to the corpse where he even stabs the corpse whether the corpse is a real or fake is not yet known but even if ita real i suppose its too late to help the corpse tho.

And in the videos there are some hints and mystery but I won’t be going through that this time.

  • List of some videos from Robert Helpmann channel.

Incase you wanna check out the channel then 

Click Here but this channel is not for faint hearted.

  • Ms Porcelain Doll.

Another weird mysterious channel in YouTube not for faint heart where it contains a miniclip of disturbing images and video with distrubing writings.

Click here to see the channel.

  • Hi Walter! Its me Patrick!

This channel seems so friendly by the name of it and It contains just a single video named “Hi Patrick! I got a new gf today” in this video a guy name patrick seems to be conveying a message to a guy name maybe his friend name walter where he talks about how he met his new gf in the video and seems okay until in the end when he takes the camera to show his gf there comes the twist.We don’t know if the abducted girl in the video is real or fake its still a mystery.

Click here to go to his channel and watch the video.

  • Nasa Jim 108.

This channel is aliens and space conspiracy where the video seem to uploaded by the deceased friend or someone he knew.The video uploader tells how Jim worked for NASA and how he knew all their secrets and even the bio of the channel says “This is part of series of clips that my client wished to be posted on internet after his death.” Whether this channel and videos are hoax or real its still a mystery.

Click here to view the channel.

  • Christopher Robins.

Well this channel is not that of Christopher Robins from the Cartoon series Winnie the Pooh. This Channel Contains creepy distrubing videos  as if the uploader is trying to convey some kind of message or something which is not known yet and what amazing is this channel is still active so maybe this is hoax or a game or maybe someone trying to get attention which is not known.

Click here to view his channel.

So finally that was the List of YouTube Channel I found Mysterious. What do you think about them do let me know in the comment section and also let me know If you know more about  them or something related to them.




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